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The future is BOLD.
The best outdoor lighting solution for North American professionals.

A BOLD approach.

At BOLD, our purpose is to elevate outdoor spaces through modern innovative lighting solutions. Purpose-built alongside our customers, our cutting-edge portfolio of products has been designed to meet the needs of the North American market and climate. 

BOLD is not just a brand but an expression of who we are and how we approach everything. Inspired and distinctive in our design sensibilities. Courageous in our leadership. Customer first in our design. Innovative and forward-thinking in how we tackle problems and ensure that our products are built to last. 

BOLD is for creators, artists, and visionaries. Our customers are professionals in the outdoor living industry – from deck builders, electricians and hardscapers to landscapers, designers, and more - we work with the creators, artists and visionaries that are dedicated to high quality and industry leading work just like we are. 

We genuinely care about our BOLD professionals and prioritize addressing their pain points. We continuously improve and evolve our business to stay ahead of the industry. Our commitment to understanding and inspiring professionals to color outside the lines and is a big part of what sets us apart and makes us BOLD -  ensuring we deliver lighting solutions that are both inspiring and optimized for the performance, efficiency, and durability that the industry demands. 

At BOLD, we take challenges head-on. We welcome adversity with open arms and turn it into the spark that ignites our drive to succeed. Where some see the impossible, we see opportunity. Whether it’s about providing next-level customer service, or thinking outside the box to discover innovative solutions, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We are dedicated to working closely with professionals in our industry and are committed to utilizing their input as inspiration to create a product line that directly addresses the needs of the North American market.



Ramon Pieters
Founder & CEO
The BOLD Corporation

Same team, same values, bold products.

Our products & promise.

Modern designs purpose-built for the North American market and climate.

We offer a modern catalogue of cutting-edge products. Our efficient and innovative designs are thoughtfully curated and architected with modern designs. At BOLD, we have taken this a step further – ensuring that our products are crafted with the materials, technology and options that North American customers and professionals need at appropriate prices. 

We promise to deliver only the highest quality products. You can count on:

  • CRI 90+ on all fixtures (no fine print, no exceptions)
  • IP67 on recessed lights and spot lights, at least IP65 on all other products
  • Marine grade outdoor lighting solutions
  • Lights built from materials such as anodized aluminum and cast 304 stainless steel
  • A comprehensive 7-year warranty



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Product Introduction: What you'll learn about: Phase one products, the Cobra Connector, product features (IP rating, CRI, etc.), and more.

System & Technical Knowledge: What you'll learn about: The BOLD system, how to install/use the Source, powerline communication, and more.



So, now what?

We have developed our own outdoor lighting system: designed and developed in North America, for North American professionals. We would even go as far to say that we are committed to being the best outdoor lighting solution for North American professionals. We have been and will continue to be relentless in the pursuit of understanding the requirements of the outdoor living industry, using input from our customers as inspiration to create a product line that directly addresses the needs of the North American market. 

Our longstanding history with in-lite offers us a foundation of expertise that the BOLD team benefits from—and builds on. We have the same internal team, the same values, and the same dedication to deliver the best possible outdoor lighting solutions. But now with bold new products purpose built for the North American professional. 

  • High-quality modern system and patent-pending quick connector
  • Same great team that you know and love
  • New products built for the North American professional


Product Directory

Digital Catalog

What's inside:
  • Full list of current product offering
  • Details on the Cobra Connector
  • Steps for designing a lighting plan

Product Spec Sheets

Digital product specifications

What's inside:
  • Spec sheets for all products
  • Ability to easily search/download information
  • Photos, details, descriptions, and more

Upcoming Events

2024 events & shows

Meet our team & see our products:
  • Hardscaper Showcase by Techo-Bloc
  • Landscape Ontario Lighting Conference


Benefits of BOLD

BOLD outdoor lighting products are designed for and inspired by North American professionals. We are dedicated to creating high-quality, modern, and efficient landscape lighting solutions for industry pros. Wondering "Why should I switch to BOLD products?"
The answer is simple:
  • Industry-leading products
  • Efficient installations
  • Free training & educational content
  • A community of industry professionals
  • Unbeatable customer support
  • And more!


Why partner with us?

Our success is found in listening to our customers and partners. The strength of our relationships, the community we have built, and the ongoing collaboration between us and industry professionals is what drives our success. We are dedicated to our partners in every way.
We support you with:
  • High quality lighting products your clients will love
  • Industry pricing and buying programs
  • Unbeatable customer support and year-round training
  • Dealer map to drive traffic to your business
  • Eye-catching displays, brochures, digital media, and sample kits
  • And more!

Efficient Installation

Our patent-pending Cobra Connector is small, smart, and fast. Features include: an indicator light, dielectric grease, secure connection points, and more.


Industry Leading Support

Speak with actual human beings and get the support you need. Our educated and experienced staff is dedicated to you and your success!


7-Year Warranty

All of our products are backed by a 7-year comprehensive warranty. We don't just cover parts or pieces, we stand by our products completely and our process is painless.


Premium Quality

Committed to pouring thoughtful intention into each product, we use materials such as anodized aluminium and cast 304 stainless steel. CRI 90+ and IP65+ on all fixtures.


Training & Education

We're committed to providing you with the training needed for effective and efficient installations. But we don't just focus on installation: lighting design, techniques, marketing, sales & more!  

"I think I speak for all of us contractors, that we're honored to be a part of this amazing new movement in the landscape industry!"

Nathan Talsma, BOLD Pro
Stonehaven Hardscape & Landscape Design

"I really think BOLD is next level above anybody else."

Erik Poor, BOLD Pro
Poorboy Electric & Lighting


Be part of something

"BOLD has the ability to change how we install outdoor living systems for our clients. BOLD is going to increase our product offerings, increase our revenue, and change the game on how a customer is able to enjoy their yard."

Matt Bell, BOLD Pro
Gellers Design | Build | Landscape


We've got you.

Why should I use BOLD products?

We have used our experience in the industry as well as feedback from our partners to create a better product line for the North American market: higher quality, smarter system, more efficient, etc. We've incorporated small but important changes like including a shroud on spotlights, brackets on under cap lights, and cable leads that come out from the bottom of fixtures instead of the back for a cleaner look. We've improved products with high CRI (90+ on all fixtures, no fine print), IP 67 on spot lights/recessed lights and at least IP 65 on every other fixture. We've made innovative progress with our patent-pending quick connector that is sleeker, smaller, more efficient, extra durable, and features an indicator light that turns on when the connection is made. We are standing behind our products with a 7-year comprehensive warranty. Plus, we're still the same team you know and love: we've even made improvements to our already amazing customer service by dedicating teams (instead of single reps) to every single one of our customers. Now you'll always have a group of dedicated BOLD team members to support you.

What is your warranty policy?

We stand behind the quality of our products. That's why we offer a 7-year comprehensive warranty. This means we will replace the entire fixture if there is an issue, not just pieces and parts. Our goal is to make the warranty process as seamless as possible for professionals so you can spend more time doing the things you love!

When can I start ordering BOLD products?

Products will be available in Q1 of 2024.  Fill out the form above to be notified about pre-orders.

What makes your products high quality?
  • 50,000 hour lifespan on our fixtures
  • CRI 90+ on all fixtures (no fine print, no exceptions)
  • IP67 on spot lights and recessed lights/ IP65+ on all other fixtures
  • Fixtures made of high quality materials such as marine grade anodized aluminium and cast 304 stainless steel
  • Cobra connector: small, smart, and efficient
What is the Cobra Connector?

The Cobra Connector is a patent pending connection system designed to make your lighting installations more efficient and secure than ever before. It is made with an improved clamp technology, making it 2x faster to install than other leading connection systems. The metal prongs pierce the jacket of the cable and create an indestructible seal using dielectric grease, shielding it from moisture and other elements. The Cobra Connector is designed with an indicator light to improve troubleshooting throughout your lighting system. The indicator light will shine green once your connection is sealed and secured, making it faster to find the solution when troubleshooting.

Are your products UL/cUL listed?


Have a question that isn't listed here? Please call 1-833-472-9960 or email Or you can always reach out to your rep directly!